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What If Worries guided therapy book & CD
Guided therapy book for childhood anxiety disorder & support CD
Price: $30.00
Guided Mindfulness for Secondary School & Teen Stress by Liz McDonald
A mindfulness CD designed for teen stress. Provides helpful tracks with exercises that focus on topics such as calming breathing for anxiety, managing procrastination, techniques to improve obsessive thinking, Exam prep & managing unhelpful behaviour such as hair pulling & self harm urges
Price: $12.00
OCD Kids By Liz McDonald
A treatment approach to aid in the stuck thoughts & rituals of childhood OCD. Available to ship within Australia only
Price: $10.00
ACT for OCD (Adults) by Liz McDonald
This CD provides strategies to help reduce the impact of obsessive thinking and compulsive urges so that the listener can develop a more functional approach to every day life
Price: $10.00
When Jarrod's Grandpa Died
Paperback Therapy book providing understanding & awareness of terminal illness, death and the funeral process for a child who is dealing with this scary process with a loved one
Price: $12.00
When Jarrod's Grandpa Died is a children's book that helps to build understanding about terminal illness, death and the funeral process. Available for Ebook download via Smashwords This is a safe site offering paypal or secure credit card options for payment. Download a copy to your iphone, android, laptop, bookreader or ipad today for $8.99
What If Worries by Liz McDonald
Guided Therapy book for children aged 6 to 13 with worry or anxiety disorders. Also a useful therapy tool for therapists, teachers and parents as it provides syptoms with explanations and treatment strategies
Price: $25.00
Guided Mindfulness for Kids & Teens by Liz McDonald
A guided mindfulness CD designed to help Kids & Teens unhook from and settle their unhelpful strong thoughts & emotions
Price: $12.00
My Body Book About me and How I can Keep My Body Safe
A protective behaviours book for Primary/ Elementary aged children to build skills around risk issues of abuse. Also available in Ebook format, email for further details
Price: $22.00
Mindfulness for Pain in Adults
Mindfulness for Chronic Pain in Adult ,postage price for Australia only
Price: $12.00
Ebooks available for download via Smashwords. Just wave mouse over book image for further details or click on image to go to website for purchase & download
What If Worries Ebook available from Smashwords for download to Iphone, Ipad, laptop, book reader or android phone. This is a safe site that uses paypal or secure credit card options. download today for $9.99     
ACT for Adults by Liz McDonald
Guided Mindfulness CD to aid in unhooking from unhelpful thoughts & developing better relaxation routine
Price: $12.00
The Explosive Child by Ross W Greene, Ph.D.
Understand the factors that contribute to you child's explosions Intervene proactively by anticipating the situations in which your child is most likely to explode. Build collaborative problem solving skills in your child. Help your child develop skills to be more flexible & handle frustrations. Postage within Australia only.
Price: $18.00
Reality Slap CD
Guided mindfulness meditation to support The Reality Slap Book by Dr Russ Harris (direct pickup available via email arrangements)
Price: $38.00
Sensory Kits for school classrooms
Sensory kits designed for quiet corners/ time out areas of claspersrooms. Kits contain a minimum of 12 toys & puzzles designed as defusing tools for children with over stimulated emotions. Includes mindfulness CD for children with Strong Emotions. Also contains an egg timer to regulate time out time and instructions for use. Great for kids with Autism, Aspergers, ADHD, Anxiety or Anger issues
Price: $25.00
Mindfulness CD
Acceptance & Committment Therapy based Mindfulness CD by Dr Russ Harris. Designed to help the listener defuse from bothering thoughts and feelings associated with depression, anxiety, grief, anger, PTSD, eating disorders etc
Price: $25.00
Mindfulness Volume 2
Acceptance & Committment Therapy based Mindfulness CD by Dr Russ Harris. Designed to help defuse from bothering thoughts and feelings associated with depression, anxiety, anger, grief, PTSD, eating disorders etc
Price: $25.00
Mindfulness For Chronic Pain In Children
Guided Mindfulness Therapy has been used to aid Chronic pain in adults for some time. The idea is to help lower anxiety, promote relaxation and improve management of Chronic Pain. This CD focuses on Chronic Pain in children and can be of value in areas such as Juvenile Arthritis, Post operative pain, Juvenile Migraine & much more
Price: $12.00
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